bring an extra tote bag with us.

WHY Plastic bags. Used for about 12 minutes. Pollutes Earth for about 1,000 years.
Having an extra bag with us helps us ween off our addiction to plastic bags.

HOW Put a tote in your purse/briefcase. Leave it in your office/car/purse/briefcase.
Already left home? Keep any bag you pick up today, and use it again later. | come together | #todaywewill

let someone go before us the day before Thanksgiving.

WHY It's the busiest travel day of the year in America. Let's spread friendliness.

HOW If you're in a line, or approaching one, let the person behind you go before you. 
Not traveling today? Do it any way. In the name of making someone else's day :) | come together | #todaywewill

plan ahead for big meals like Thanksgiving.

WHY We've all got a serious food waste problem. Time to admit it.
During Thanksgiving, we are at high risk of over eating, yes, but over wasting, too.

HOW Hosts, ask people to bring tupperware. Non-hosts, bring tupperware.

come together. #todaywewill

bring cutlery with us.

WHY Plastic utensils. So much bad, for about 8 minutes of good use. For every 1 lb made, 2 lbs of CO2 goes into our already polluted air. And, most aren't recyclable. wtf?

HOW Put reusable cutlery in your bag today. Already left home but want to contribute? Opt for a sandwich, wrap, or sushi today. Or, ask the French. 

come together. #todaywewill

ask for no lids.

WHY Smoothies & vanilla chai, half-pump, no foam, skim lattes. Who needs solid food? We almost all get a hot drink or smoothie daily. They almost all come with a plastic lid. All that plastic adds up, and is started to land on the shores of our beach-time fun.

HOW Ask the drink maker for no lid. Take a few sips of your hot seasonal beverage and then start walking — takes 30 seconds. Or, pour out a sip, you'll survive. For smoothies, just drink from the cup. No bits of berry getting stuck in your straw today!

come together. #todaywewill

avoid plastic drinking bottles.

WHY The bottle, label, cap, that ring around the mouth...So. Much. Plastic. A lot of those small parts end up in oceans, fish, and birds. So, it's now in our food chain. Yikes. Also, we don't really need plastic bottles. See below.
HOW Bring a drink container with you today. Already left home? Opt for glass or cans. Or, even better, reuse your coffee cup or glass container and refill that today. Ask food stands for water refills, most will comply if you do it nicely.
come together. #todaywewill

thank an unsuspecting person.

WHY To feel like we're working together, we need to feel connected to each other. Gratitude shows we recognize, care, and appreciate each other.HOW Office custodian, teacher, mailperson, train conductor. Someone who helps you every day. Stop, take a real moment to call or face them and say thanks.
come together. #todaywewill