not chew gum.👄

today we will

not chew gum.
WHY Most gum is made with polymers, as in plastic. This means it won't biodegrade. We will long-lasting pollution by not chewing gum.

HOW When we get the urge to chew on something, we don't choose gum. Try a natural mint, crystalized ginger, a toothpick, or water. Or, try Glee & Simply gums.
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From Subscriber Diana M.:
About yesterday's tip, "I'm curious about the relative environmental impact of raising sheep and goats for wool and cashmere vs. using synthetic materials in place of those natural ones."

Our Answer:
Animal-based natural fibers still win. Synthetics are made of oil/plastic, which also releases greenhouse gas to produce. Synthetics pollute water with microplastics whenever washed or discarded. Animal fibers don't do as much harm after production.
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