choose plants over stems.

today we will

choose plants over stems.
WHY Unlike plants, loose stems don't last long after purchase. In landfills they breakdown, releasing methane. We will reduce methane emissions by choosing plants.

HOW If we want to buy ourselves or someone else flowers, choose a nice planted option instead of loose flower or plant stems. Then, keep it alive.
From the Community

A few requests for more info on why going to farmer's markets later could help reduce food waste.

Our Answer: The tip rests in the idea that people tend to buy the most "attractive" produce first, leaving "ugly" produce behind, which continues to be left behind until it goes bad and gets tossed. The hope is that, by going later, we can more easily identify produce at risk of being left behind because no one wanted it all day, and buy the produce that might have otherwise been tossed and not saves for later sale.
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