not idle our cars. 🚙

today we will

not idle our cars.
WHY 3.8 millions gallons of gas are wasted on idling in the US...every day. That's 34,000 tons of CO2*. We will reduce air pollution & our demand for gas by not idling.
*The same CO2 is emitted by burning 36 million pounds of coal.

HOW Turn off our cars when parked for more than 10 seconds. Keep on our coats to stay warm. Note: newer cars don't need as much time to warm up before driving.
From the Community

In response to yesterday's email, Subscriber Kristin S. reminds us that:
"[For] Silk...the worms are boiled alive for us to gather an intact cocoon. Would be better to... [use] tussah or silk that has a burst cocoon where the worm became a moth." Thanks Kristin!
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