opt for clay vs plastic pots.

today we will

opt for clay vs plastic pots.
WHY Plastic pots are made from petroleum & won't biodegrade. Clay is essentially mud! We will reduce petroleum use & plastic pollution by choosing clay pots.

HOW When buying new plants, see if the florist or nursery can swap plastic pots for clay ones. Any extra charge might be worth it — you can reuse clay pots next Spring.
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From Subscriber Marcy M, in response to this tip:
I love buying used books from abebooks.com! I've been purchasing from them for years and have never had a bad experience. I find high-quality, like-new books at very low prices. Also, there is a free app called Libby. All you need a library card, and you can check out ebooks and audiobooks totally for free. It's a really great app.

Thanks for sharing, Marcy!
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