pack light. 

today we will

pack light.
WHY The more weight a vehicle carries as we travel on spring/summer weekends, the more fuel it needs to move. We will improve a vehicle's fuel economy by packing light.

HOW Start with a lighter bag. Choose items that can be worn with two outfits. Pack lighter fabrics, and one heavier outer layer. Avoid heavy buckles or accessories.
Community Ask
Working on a some ideas for the community, and illustrations/designs would really make them pop. Just reply to this email if you want to help out. Thank you!
Any artists among us?

From the Community
From Unnamed Subscriber:
These are bag dryers we made to use to help us.


I think my husband got tired of us hanging bags around the kitchen dripping everywhere when we rinsed them out to reuse or recycle.   Additionally we tried putting them over bottles but that doesn't allow the inside to dry.  He made 2 sizes of dryers.  One is for smaller sandwich or quart bags.  The other works for produce bags or gallon bags. I even tried selling some at a local farmers/community market but even at 5/7 each I only sold a couple.  I have seen fancier ones that fold up when not in use for about $20.  I have also seen ones made with chopsticks in a bowl of sand or pebbles.  Our dryers are made by drilling three small holes in a piece of cedar and gluing in three dowels.

Thanks for the inspiration!
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