ask for no takeout bag at lunch.

today we will

ask for no takeout bag at lunch.
WHY On average, we use plastic bags for just 12 minutes. Lunch takeout is probably less. We'll reduce unnecessary single-use plastic by asking for no bag at lunch.

HOW When getting takeout for lunch, ask for no bag. Carry the lunch container instead of the bag. 
From Subscriber Gina on This Tip:
I'm so curious about recycling aluminum. Does this include tin foil? What if it's soiled with food particles? Also, do you know of alternatives to foil? For example I bake muffins (should I use paper instead) and I use foil as a sheet when cooking dinner as a liner on the baking sheet.

I prefer not to use foil actually, but my husband stock piled some (including saran wrap unfortunately) so I'm using it until we find better alternatives, especially with the tin foil. I use Tupperware instead of saran wrap usually.

TWW Answer:
Yes, tinfoil is recyclable! Rinse as best you can to get any food or oils off. 
As an alternative to foil to line a baking sheet, I use a reusable silicone sheet pan liners that I got from Crate and Barrel, but I'm sure if you look that up online, you could find them at a few places. For keeping food, I use a reusable beeswax wrap. 

Hope that's helpful!


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