soak stubborn dishes before scrubbing.

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soak stubborn dishes before scrubbing.
WHY Washing dishes with stuck-on food means extra running water. Soaked food comes off more easily. We will reduce water use by soaking those dishes first.

HOW When a dish has some food that's not coming off right away, put a dash of soap and thin layer of warm water* in it for 20+ minutes. Then scrub.
*Just enough to cover the stubborn food, no need to fill up the whole pot or pan.
From Subscriber Adrian on This Tip:
I really don't understand this one. Can you please explain? What's emitting the CO2 [when using a treadmill]?

TWW Answer:
The emissions from using a treadmill comes from the energy needed to run the treadmill. Most electricity is created by burning fossil fuels at power hubs. The more power we use, the more fossil fuels are needed to keep up with the energy demanded. 

Hope that clears things up! 

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